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I read somewhere that this campaign lowered local rape statistics by 11%.

Keep reblogging this. Everyone.


So only a man in a relationship with another man can be sexually assaulted? 

The campaign is called “Don’t be that guy.”

So if it showed a man being sexually pressured by a woman? Well; then it doesn’t apply.

The campaign is calling out the attackers, not a victim.

So get off your soapbox and enjoy the progress this shows you obtuse fucking elbow vagina.

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Moon flowers, yes? My grandmother loved these, we have them planted in our garden :)

looks like something out of Coraline :o

I have a story. We used to have a bunch of these outside our house. They really do open up like this as soon as it gets dark and they release this wonderful smell. My family used to go outside every day and watch them open. But what they don’t tell you is that bugs love them. When it gets hot out they’ll crawl inside them to keep cool. So one day little me, I was probably like 13, put my nose right down by it so I could smell it as it was opening… and a huge ass jumping spider launched itself at my face. Don’t trust the moon flowers. They’re full of horror.

That’s true in more ways than one. Moonflowers are actually datura - angel’s trumpets. They’re very toxic, and have been use for hundreds of years as a poison and hallucinogen. 

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This is a screenshot from Pan’s pixiv. I’m making this post because it’s her work in particular that I see around a lot. If you don’t know her name, you probably recognize her drawing style.

Please stop posting it and stop reblogging it. I’ve done it before, but now that I know her thoughts on it, I’ve stopped.

I realize there are plenty of people online who simply do not give a shit and will repost everything anyway. I know they will appear in the SE tag and continue to be selfish and uncaring, and the best we can do is ignore and report them. But there are a number of you who I know are better than that. Please just don’t be a part of it.

Marsh’s Very Important Post inspired me.







This is not a tasty gummy sweet but a Jewel Caterpillar found in Amazon Rainforest. They are covered with sticky goo-like, gellatinous tubercles that provides protection from its predator like ants until they metamorphosise into winged moths.



literal pokemon

have you seen the cocoon it makes though? image

it’s so pretty as a baby, it looks like an actual gem. then suddenly it pupates into a net thing and when it comes out it looks like the fucking Lorax 


this is a pokemon

calinyh asked:

just to be clear, there are no themes for soul evans week because it happens to be a event only of yours right?



Yes, it’s only something I’m doing on my site.

While I don’t have specific themes, I do have a general list of posts that I’ve queued (as centered around Soul’s interactions with other characters)—so if you want to participate, calinyh, please do so!  Anything with Soul suits the week; anything related to one of the days below fits, too:

Sun: The Cool Guy Himself (Solo posts)

Mon: At home and leisure time (Soul with friends—Black Star, Kid, Blair, Crona, Team B, and others)

Tue: With family (Soul with Wes and his parents)

Wed: The fighter (Soul in combat with Maka against Medusa, Asura, Giriko, and others)

Thu: The Death Scythe at the work (Soul’s upgraded form, and with faculty at the DWMA—Spirit, Stein, Marie, Sid, Nygus, Lord Death)

Fri: Madness (Soul under the Black Blood and with the Demon)

Sat: SoMa (A day of Soul x Maka posts)


Soul-dwelling has been having a rough time of things as of late, including the misfortune of losing a good deal of important data he had on a USB drive - as a result of these unforseen circumstances, he is currently accepting submissions for Soul Evans Week content.

Soul-dwelling really helped get daddiesofsouleater off the ground, so if you can help him out by submitting a Soul post or two for his event, it would surely be appreciated.

Best wishes to you, soul-dwelling - I hope things start looking up for you real soon.


From tekknoir

Meet Pinklepurr. She’s the most loving grouch of a cat you’ll ever meet. Ten years ago, her mother was a stray who came into our family and gave birth Pinke and her sister. Since then, she’s been my most loyal and loving companion and at times, a desperately needed therapy animal.

I recently brought her to the vet after noticing a limp. It turned out to be a simple case of arthritis, but the X-rays revealed a pleural effusion (fluid in the lining of the lungs). The cause of which is unknown, but could be anything ranging from an infection to cancer. I’m doing everything I can to help her, but the vet costs are pricy. With your help, I can afford her ultrasound and bloodwork so I can move forward in diagnosing and treating her.

We thank you for your consideration and donation. Even the smallest amount helps.

(Vet Bills for Pinklepurr GoFundMe)

        I would really appreciate a signal boost for my campaign. I’m          desperately trying to pull money together to help her.

ALMOST TO GOAL - Signal Boost for Pinklepurr!

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